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Installation Requirements
• BIDS 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio)
• Microsoft .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
Product Overview
What is MSBIHelper and what can it do?
MSBIHelper is a tool that allows you to add auditing, logging, and notification to all of your SSIS packages. It also allows you to validate and create the configuration and batch file very easily
MSBIHelper allows users to quickly and easily obtain valuable runtime and error statistics including row count and data source information.
MSBIHelper will automatically send you an e-mail or a text message notifying users of Error detail information of SSIS package executions.
It offers an easy way to add rich auditing features in SSIS packages using custom auditing framework . This Auditing Framework uses all Native SSIS features and it can track packages in real-time.
• Which packages are currently running
• Error and Warning by Package
• Run time by Package
• ConnectionManager connectionstring
• Extracted and Loaded Records along with their source and target information (e.g. Table/View, Sql Query, File Name, Component Name, Data Flow Name, Connection String etc.).
How does SSIS Auditing Framework work?
• Package level Event Handlers are created to capture OnError, OnWarning, OnPreExecute and OnPostExecute Events.
• Inside every dataflow task row count components are added after source adapter and before target adapter to track extracted and loaded row count.
• Variables are added at package level scope to store rowcount for each dataflow.
• Variables are added in the OnPostExecute event handler scope to store certain information about DataFlow source/target (e.g. Query, TableName ...)
• you can choose the repository for logging info, database or CSV file, the default setting is CSV.

UI introduction:

You can open the configuration file to setting some variables. Such as SMTP SERVER, mail info.
Log path. Connection string.
now it just check protect level is or not DontSensitive.
Check the logging and onError event.

1. update the SSIS package variables in batch.
2. Generate the configuration file for package, just for variables value.
3. Generate the batch file for package.

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